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Be a True Diva with "Divatress"

October 17, 2017

Here's a hidden gem from an avid wig wearer!  Oftentimes, I receive compliments on all my wigs from color and texture to length and style.  Well, today I'm here to share my secret with you all.  Since College, I haven't had the luxury of being able to visit my favorit beauty supply stores on Church & Utica or Downtown Brooklyn.  Since then, I've discovered my online wig Shop - DIVATRESS.   They're wigs are beyond AFFORDABLE, great quality & even better variety.  Of course, there are some pieces that are going to be of better quality then others, but overall, all of the colors are evenly blended and parts are pre-tweezed.  Lastly, Divatress sells all of your favorite beauty supply store goodies online!  KISS cosmetics, I-Envy eyelashes, heated caps, braiding hair, ponytails, wigs (half, full, & lace).

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