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STOP Making me MAD: 8 Makeup DON’Ts, we DO too Often.

1. Skincare, Seriously?

Yes, taking care of your skin underneath all of that makeup is more than important sis. If you do not own a facial cleanser - buy one! Learn your skin - whether dry or oily - and invest in a cleanser (or make your own). For example, if your face needs hydration, get a water-based cleanser and stay away from silicone enhanced products. As for me, eczema causes me to have extremely dry skin, but my face produces heightened levels of oil throughout the day as a cry for moisture. My daily skin routine is minimal, because with eczema less can actually be more effective.


2. Eyebrows … EEK! Here’s the thing: it’s so hard to give solid eyebrow advice, because it is all about preference. One may want to sport a classic 90’s Drew Barrymore, Bushy Boyfriend Beyoncé, or a current “more defined & thick” brow. Regardless of one’s brow preference, ALL BROWS, need to be even, aligned, and arched properly! uneven eyebrows will ruin your life!


3. Primer - USE IT! Essential primer smooths out foundation and protects your skin! Whether searching for a more luminous primer for glow, or a color based for color correction - search until you find the right primer for you and your skin type. Moisturize, MOISTurize, MOISTURIZE!!!

MY suggestions: Urban Decay, Fenty, nyx, & Elf primer. Again, try to purchase water-based primers and beware of silicon - especially if you suffer from dry skin.


4. Concealer: I’m so excited to share this makeup DO, that we DON’T do often enough! Of course, we all expect to hear how important it is to utilize concealer to cover up our dark spots and blemishes. But, I’ve discovered another great use for concealer: More Pigmented EYESHADOW! My makeup guru: BRIANNA MARIE, has taught me the importance of concealing one’s eyelid before eyeshadow application. Firstly, discovering pigmented eyeshadow is the first step, but a concealed eyelid will cause that shadow to POP even more.

My suggestions: KISS, Juvia’s Place, & MAC eyeshadows.


5. Color Correct(LY): Want to have a flawless finish? Color correct YOUR SKIN! CONCEAL dark spots and pimples: follow the color wheel & learn what YOU NEED. For example, dark spots = orange; do you have redness = green. Granted, skincare and adequate water consumption will do your face wonders, but while you're going through a transitional time, make the most out of your makeup!


6. #ALLToolsMatter Listen to Kí - your makeup brushes matter! Purchase good tools; especially for applying foundation and blending. Oftentimes, people wonder, “How is your eyeshadow so blended Kí?” ANSWER: my brushes match my performance! Also, the tools you choose DO NOT have to be expensive - they just have to WORK!

My suggestions: Of course, I own traditional MAC brushes; but, BareMinerals, Forever21, NYX, Juvia’s Place, and Sephora brand all carry synthetic affordable brushes.


7. Bro, Clean Your Brushes Honestly, one should be cleaning one’s brushes once EVERY WEEK. Does Kia do this? NO. But, I am making a conscious effort to at least clean my brushes twice a month. Brushes work so much better when they are clean… application level will be on 100,000%. Beauty Blender created a solid blender cleanser; it can be used to clean beauty blenders and brushes. LISTEN TO ME: BUY THE BLENDER CLEANSER!

Sold at: Amazon, Macy’s, Sephora, & Neiman Marcus.


8. Sis, Set Your Face Please, set your face. It can be as simple as using a flawless finish setting spray or maybe you’re like me and enjoy a GOOD BAKE! Either way, setting your makeup - whether with spray or powder - helps reduce smile lines and maintain consistency throughout the day. Baking does not have to be as heavy or left on as long as most people advise. To avoid a cakey look, simply adding powder to a brush and gently applying under-eye/t-zone may suffice.

Setting prevents oxidation and guarantees less trips to the powder room. If you want to get through the grime and sweat of the day - without smudging - set your FACE!

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