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The Evolution: Kia's Accessories

Kia Exclaims:

"Oh thing one. Oh thing two. Accessories - Accessories! Oh, where are you?"

furry colorful shoes and jackets
A Splash of This & That

As holiday time approaches, I begin to get giddy inside when I think of My Favorite Things. Majority of this list, will be filled with - you guessed it - accessories! Imagine a 13 year old girl walking down Stuyvesant Ave with a huge green flower in her hair, dangling emerald earrings, and two costume green necklaces. That was me - in all my glory. Before my style awareness awoke my mind, I was already creating and engaging with it. Brooklyn Circa 07' & 08' was more about name plate belts and 8 ball jackets, but I was an active church girl and catholic school kid. Oftentimes, I turned in my track suit in for a dress suit - as a very plump tween, my visits to Dr. Jays and Brooklyn Ladies', usually turned into shopping sprees with my mother at Macy's and Lane Bryant. As a child, I was opened to a grown woman's shopping experience and I took full advantage of the opportunity - accessories were used as my muse to stand out from the crowd. Thirteen year old Kia believed, in field of uniformity - I need to stand out! Here's some insight on my own accessory evolution and I hope it helps you to find your balance.

accessories for young girls
Young Ki Fashion Style


Once upon a time, all of Kia's jewelry needed to be big - dangling earrings with rhinestones bigger than Bam Bam's bat. Big is no longer my fashion choice, but there is still a place for big, bigger, & the biggest statement pieces.

Here's Kia's take: When going BIG - find a balance. If the earrings are 6" long, wear a simple choker or signature charm bracelet. This will accent the earrings, but tone down the distraction. Costume jewelry should be fun - don't be afraid to play around with color! My motto: if you're going big, mine as well, go all the way. Big bangles, with sparkly studs, accompanied by an embellished necklace will break even the biggest of hearts.


Subtle Me Down: Don't Shut me UP!

floral accessories and outfit with blue hair
Bold Floral Choices

Earlier, I said, "Big is no longer my fashion choice." But, boldness will always remain a major part of a "Kia Slay Day." Firstly, I have blue hair - I don't want my accessories to clash with my hair color. Bold is prints - floral and animal - that catch the eye but do not distract from the main attraction. When putting together an ensemble, choose the main attraction - whether a dress, shoes, or necklace; then, build everything else around that. Also, fur, embellished floral necklaces, and signature stones exude elegance and edge. Classic color coordination with a hint of Naomi Campbell will subtle me down, but never shut me up!

furry red shoes and furry clutch with red dress and blue hair
Built the entire outfit around my SHOES
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