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My Brother's Keeper

Kendrick Johnson Raymond Allen Dante Price Mike Brown My brothers My beautiful brown brothers Black brothers Jay Z’s black album started a blackout in Marcy Projects. We got the Barclays Center, But still don’t have books. WEB Dubois would be shook, If he saw the status of our freedom. March on Washington - Keep turning the wheel - But still no progress. When the sun goes down, The freaks come out – Forgotten ones appear, like street lights in the dark night. AK’s, gloc’s, and 22’s – My brothers grab their piece - The only peace they know. Heart’s as hard as stone with blood as cold as snow. Travis Scott Trayvon Martin Tamir Rice Melvin Lawborn But, even in the midst of all your fallenness – You’re still mine. I found you - A raisin in the sun - Swooped you up and carried you in my bosom. Back and forth on shattered glass – Hoping that my tender, love, and care could reverse the drought you had been experiencing for years. That somehow my tears could water your barren garden, And roses may magically appear. I waited there – Sat in a sinking pit praying for your soul. While cold kisses danced on my heart. Heart attacks from police brutality – About 50 agents break down your front door and ramble through your drawers. In hopes of finding a thief or killer, But never expecting a scared little boy, Who wants to be a lawyer. An artist, An astronaut, Or a doctor. After watching his mom die from breast cancer, Because she couldn’t afford life – I mean the price of insurance was too high. He wants to be a doctor – Now, he wants to save lives. But you Mr. Officer don’t see that when you look into his brown eyes. Kimani Gray Tim Stansbury Eric Garner Shawn Wright My brothers, I know we always sympathize with the mother of the murdered, But I’m the sister of the murderer. My precious blood turned blue when I lost you. Hopelessness came down like acid rain on our broken brownstone – Bed-Stuy opened up and swallowed my home – The only help I’ve ever known, was gone. My brother – You kept me strong - How can I keep you warm? Sometimes, I wish you would have spit bars, Instead of being confined by the silver lining of a dream deferred. What was supposed to happen? The formula for success was never pissy elevators and dark hallways. Demons waged war on your soul and I felt it. I wasn’t there, but I remember when you didn’t come back. When they took you from me, I saw a boy go from wanting to save lives, To a man taking one. My brother – Even though you’ve been led astray by bullet holes and brown drank – And will never again see the light of day. I’m still here, waiting to count all your tears. Because, even my Jesus, Found room in His kingdom, For the worst of the worst sinners.

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