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Let's Have a Self-Care "Stretch Out"


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Self care doesn't always have to be stressful
Let’s be honest: The Cardio HIIT workout can’t always make it onto our checklists.

Kia FEELS: Moving more isn’t only limited to intense exercise. Stretching and flexing our muscles offer many health benefits and doesn’t have to suck the life or time out of us.

Though, if you possess grandma knees like Kia, do not underestimate the challenge of a good stretch.

Make sure to consult with your primary care physician before partaking in any physical activity. Overtime, I’ve found developing a slow and steady breathing technique will enhance all stretches. Most importantly: LISTEN to your body! Remember, throughout the stages of stretching, how one starts isn’t usually how one finishes. Commit to practicing gentleness and consistency. Watch how your body will begin to bend to the beat of the drum you’ve created over time.


Stretching helps to improve:

· Flexibility

· Posture

· Tension Release

· Energy

· Blood flow

· Range of Motion

· Stress Relief

· Brain Activity


Personally, I experience frequent back, knee, and shoulder pain. Below are a few simple stretches I’ve discovered online for us!

back and hip stretching routine
Let's Stretch It Out!
Let’s Stretch it Out this month! Will you commit to stretch with me for at least 8 mins once a day for 21 days? I’m starting October 20th? Tag #StretchItOutChallenge & #KickinItFIT on Instagram to show me how you Stretch it Out!