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Let's Talk: Shakia's Shapewear


Ladies, no one likes to hear this, but wearing proper under garments are MORE than important! Having 4 years of experience as a certified Lane Bryant FIT Expert, has taught me this FACT! I have countless memories of customers loathing the idea of shape wear. But, once I swindled a comfortable contour bodysuit into my customer's fitting room enough times, she'd eventually slide it on underneath the dress of her choice.

and You guessed it! Minds were blown!

Customers cannot believe the impact proper under garments can have on an entire outfit. Ranging from Level 3 girdles all the way to the most flattering bra/panty design to accentuate any outfit. It doesn’t have to be as intimidating or alter-ego threatening as some people assume. There’s levels to the shape wear! Disclaimer: I’m not talking about waist trainers or corsets. This rundown will be more focused on the modern girdle.


Level 1:

Light Brief

These briefs are GREAT for everyday use. For many of us, we just need a little support to smooth out the tummy bulge. Oftentimes, light briefs are panties with a spandex lining at the top and covers the entire stomach area.

Sold at: JcPenny, Macy’s, Lane Bryant, Forever21, Ashley Stewart, Victoria Secret, SKIMS, SPANX, & AdoreMe.


Level 2: Nylon/Spandex lightly lined bodysuit

SPANX are my go to everyday suit, because they’re light, comfortable, and controlled. SPANX are an easy solution to smooth back-fat and other trouble areas. They are sold in a panty, short (mid thigh), and capri form. If you find your shorts begin to roll up, try going up a size or applying powder to your inner thighs. Similarly, if wearing a strapless suit, it never hurts to TUCK the top into your bra for maximum support and to help prevent rolling down.

SKIMS also sells very breathable level 2 suits in a variety of color tones. SKIMS modern yet luxurious fit is very similar to SPANX. Though, SKIMS uses a combination of 81% NYLON & 19% SPANDEX in their Power Mesh bodysuit for a more firm hold. Unlike SPANX, who uses 88% NYLON, 12% ELASTANE, and NO SPANDEX. This is what makes it a level 2. The SPANX suit offers a smooth effect; not slimming effect.

SKIMS, on the other hand, offers more variety in terms of color, design, and trendiness. Essentially, if you are looking for an everyday suit, both brands are highly circulated and will get the job done.


Level 3: Tighter Tummy Illusion Suits

All I’m going to say is, SHAPE by Cacique. A few years ago, Lane Bryant’s intimate apparel line, CACIQUE, unveiled their own shape wear line. Shape by Cacique's illusion suit offers the panty version pictured. also, there is a short design, which offers firm control from torso through mid-thigh. It gives an extremely tight foundation for a sleek finish. Although, it can be difficult to put on and slightly uncomfortable - it WORKS! This is not an everyday wear under garment, but utilize this gem for special occasions. When wearing my illusion suit, I drop an entire dress size.


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