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KIA, CEO of Kickin It Productions

Born and raised in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, NY, Shakia dedicates her life to telling unheard stories.  Her educational background (BA in Communication Arts & Sociology) coupled with time spent abroad (Guatemala, Pacific Islands) has informed her worldview.  Years working on the ground in urban communities (Girls Inc, Teen Challenge, 808 Urban) fuels her passion for equal representation of BIPOC in digital media. 

Renaissance artists, such as Langston Hughes and great black authors/sociologists like Delores Williams and Toni Morrison, inform her writing style.  She finds comfort in modern writers of urban stories and draws inspiration from fellow leaders in the field.  She aspires to be as raw and relevant as authors such as, Jasmine Mans and Candice Carty-Williams.

Currently, she lives in Los Angeles where she operates her own Digital Media Agency/Book Publication Company.  Kickin it Productions LLC promotes the telling of well-rounded stories through education, acceptance, and grace.  Through her debut literary work, “Being,” Artson hopes to offer the world a humble roar into a new era of story telling.

Image by Robert Bye

KIA the Love

CEO, PRODUCER, Writer, Consultant

Fear & ignorance are two main driving forces behind hopelessness and
failure, which fuel our mission.

Come & kick it with the underdogs, as we attempt to become better stewards of OUR world one day at time.

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Shakia Artson Being
kickin it productions
Being Activated Scholarship

About Kickin It. Productions

Kickin it Productions is a Digital Media Agency committed to the betterment of marginalized communities.  We believe education and diversity are the building blocks to great story telling.  Thanks for kickin it with us!

Our Mission

To learn from one another and strive for greatness despite constant doubt and fear. We take pride in telling the stories of those often unheard.

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