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How Kia Does Athleisure

Kia Defines...


Athleisure [Ath-lee-juhr] noun. is the growing trend of mixing sporty athletics' wear (i.e leggings & sneakers) with sophisticated and chic pieces, such as blazers, detailed sweaters, & chiffon tops.


When done correctly, this is my favorite fashion phenomenon thus far. For the average classy girl, but comfort junky at heart - I say yes! Here are a few of my personal tips when attempting to maximize cuteness, without having to risk comfort.


1. The Active Component:

"Brooklyn" Graphic athletic bra with long sleeve mesh top

Whenever one thinks active, one thinks of comfort, fluidity, and movement. The athletic component of this trend serves me well, because I work in retail and need to practice major flexibility. Signature leggings that are thick and comfortable are major keys to this trend. Also, faux leather and lace leggings can give off a more edgy look. Granted, one can spot a pair of $2 leggings, but legging quality can downgrade one's entire outfit. So, choose wisely! If you are more on the curvy side, do not buy the $4 leggings from Forever21. They will rip on the inseam throughout inner thigh and your panty line will show. Granted, if you're on a budget and need to wear cheaper leggings -

KIA's TRICK: Wear two pair at the same time... just trust me!

Either, graphic or muted, an athletic bra paired with an oversized hoodie or mesh top is always a fun idea. Tanks & Tees (especially solid colors), with a small knot detail, has the ability to spruce up any active attire.


2. The Fashion Forward Sneaker:

Steve Madden fur ball sneaker in heather grey

The fashion forward sneaker is bold and eye-catching. Sorry ladies, it's time to put away the Jordan's and Airmax's for awhile. Growing up, my AIM ID was: kiiabuntoodhamax as an ode to my love for HoneyBun snacks and Airmax sneakers! But, Kia is not a kid anymore - it's time to grow, evolve, and sophisticate. This trend setting shoe can have sequins, animal print, or balls of fur. For the more edgy shopper, try satin, velvet, or color block footwear. Accessories in general, have the ability to make or break ANY OUTFIT. Want more info on Kia's Accessories?


3. The Sophisticated Touch:

Satin sleep top with checkered classic jacket

Sophistication is an athleisure essential for Kia. My comfort cannot cost me my pose. Jackets are my best friend - whether blazers or embellished military pieces. Layering pieces with jackets and accessories, can finesse any casual outfit. Leather collars, rose gold jewelry, or a quick cuff of the sleeve can give any outfit that touch of elegance.


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