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Seasons' Greetings: 5 Ways to Ace the Interview & Secure the Bag

We’re going to get straight to the point HERE:

Interview etiquette is important & we all need to be well versed in it - because all of us need to work in order to eat! I've jotted down some of my basic interview musts that will ensure you ace any interview and secure the bag.

Let's Ace the Interview Together!

1. The Preparation: GOOGLE It

Never go into an interview unprepared. Find out a little bit about the company; even if you just do a simple search on google.

There are three interview essentials:

1. What is an instance where I showed strength and exceeded what was expected of me?

2. When faced with an obstacle, how did I react? Have an example ready.

3. Have a question prepared. Whether about pay rate, company direction, scheduling - it does not matter, just ask a question. I do not care if you’re interviewing for a job at McDonalds - this can set you apart. As a previous hiring manager, we look at the simple details to set one candidate apart from an array of others.

template resume
Kia's Kickin Resume

2. The Pitch: Resume Basics

Your resume should be simple and to the point. Recruiters have too much work on their plate, to go through the tutoring camp you volunteered at 5 years ago, in order to get to your relevant customer service work. All relevant work experience should be at the top of the page - all organized by most recent employer. For example, I put my resume on, filtered my interests, and received 3 inquires within a week. If you want to get called for an interview - fix your resume bro.

interview attire
Yes, I have blue hair-- sometimes.

3. The Attire: New School, Similar Rules

I’m going to say this one time - dress your absolute best. The basics: iron your clothes, make sure your hair is clean and done (regardless of the style or texture), and fingernails need to be cleaned. Even when I went on an interview to be a custodian, I showed my potential employer enough respect to be dressed ready for business. Oftentimes, we wonder why the "little things" are so important - it’s a respect thing! You should be dressed ready to sell yourself, with a conscious of your potential role. For instance, if you're going on a job interview at a high end fashion brand, ask yourself:

"Does my attire make a customer trust me to sell them merchandise?”

If the answer is no - go back to the drawing board boo.


4. The Meetup: Everything is Mental

Want to secure the bag? Act like you already own the bag. If you’ve come prepared and dressed confidently - with a hint of Humble - the job’s already yours. Kia says remember this:

Posture and focus.

During an interview, all conversation should be intentional and lead back to a demonstration of leadership for yourself. There is a art to making everything about your abilities and relevance to the job description, without sounding vain. Learn it.


5. The Followup: Be Assertive, NOT Annoying

Firstly, every time you go on an interview and a company doesn’t get back to you - follow up. All follow up inquires should be assertive - not annoying. An employer can be tied between a few candidates and your follow up can reassure the manager’s faith in your passion and professionalism. Similarly, being too demanding can be a turn-off; do not call multiple times in a demanding tone. The follow-up (preferably email format) should be short and concise:

Dear [insert hiring manager’s name],

Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I am inquiring to see if the position is still open and if I am still a viable candidate? Please contact me at your nearest convenience.

Thanks in advance,

[Your name]

Even if not offered the position, still follow up! Another position will open in the future and hiring manager’s would rather hire a candidate they have already built relationships with.


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